Authentication is Reluvme’s top priority. We are dedicated to working strategically and fulfilling 100% lifetime of authenticity in all our products. At ReLuvMe, we train our staff to become specialists.

How do we authenticate all luxury goods?

Every item that comes into our store is evaluated thoroughly with an advanced technology system called entrupy and we finalize the authentication process with our highly trained specialists. Entrupy is an artificial intelligence with advanced computer vision techniques used for luxury authentication. The software is used to differentiate authentic from fake items instantly. Its accuracy rate is 99.1% and has proven to be the perfect solution to determining the authenticity of luxury goods.

Entrupy has a magnifying mechanism that checks at a microscopic level the kind of fabric or material being used in fakes.

Every handbag you acquire at Reluvme will come with an Entrupy certificate of authenticity.

How do we authenticate jewelry and watches?

All jewelry pieces and watches are evaluated by GIA graduate gemologists at JAGi Lab, expert authenticators. Gemologists follow all the GIA standards. They use criteria such as stone type, clarity & color grade, gem dimensions, synthetics identification, metal specs, and the value of gems, metals, and watches.

Each jewelry item and watch you acquire at ReLuvMe will be accompanied by a JAGi Lab certificate of authenticity, containing the pieces specs and retail value.

Who uses the entrupy system?

Many resellers, pawnshops, and online markets use entrupy with confidence. Since it has gained trustworthiness over the years making it easy for businesses to thrive and not worry about fakes.

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How else do we authenticate luxury?

Aside from using advanced technology to authenticate items, we also have trained specialists to evaluate all luxury goods thoroughly.
We pride ourselves in providing 100% authenticity and give you pre-luved goods worth your money.

We want you to leave 100% satisfied with your purchase knowing its authenticity is guaranteed.