How can I sell with Reluvme?

Let’s say you want to sell your items to Reluvme when you visit us. First, we will do an evaluation of your items. Then, we will collect the item (property) on a consignment basis. This means you are still the owner of the item/s, even after physically lending them to us.

Once the items have been accepted and there has been a consignment agreement, items will be collected and put on display for sale.

What does consignment mean?

Consignment is an agreement between the seller (consignor) and the buyer (consignee). The buyer commits to taking care of the item for the purpose of the item to be sold. Once the item is sold, the consignee will pay the consignor a portion that was agreed on before the sale.

For example, let’s say you bring a Louis Vuitton bag and it’s priced at $3,000. The consignee keeps 50% and the consignor gets 50% of the sale.

Is it safe to sell at Reluvme?

It’s completely safe, your items are protected, and we guarantee 100% authenticity. See how we authenticate luxury goods.

When you choose to sell your luxury items to an individual from a meet-up app like craigslist or offerup, you risk your life and the chances of getting scammed by strangers. Selling at Reluvme is 100% safer than selling your items to someone you met on an app.

We are the safest option when it comes to selling your luxury goods. Plus, we are 100% confidential.

Visit us at 4502 University Ave. Ste. 103 San Diego, CA 92105 for an evaluation of your luxury item/s.